Celebrating this amazing next step in your journey.

I am most passionate about being a Marriage Celebrant. Love is VERY cool! If you and your partner are in a good, healthy place in your relationship and feel that getting married is the best next step, that’s fricken amazing!

I promise to provide you with a ceremony that is full of personality, and I can guarantee that my friendly, vibrant and enthusiastic nature will put you and your guests at ease.

The planning process will be relaxed and orderly. We will have a most excellent couple-Celebrant partnership where you tell me what you want and I make it happen. What is most important to me is that you have all the freedom you need, to create the spoken aspects of your wedding ceremony, yours.

It is very important to me that what is said about you and your spouse is a true reflection of the life you have shared so far, and the future you are about to create!

I now write all of my ceremonies from scratch (because I have such a large clientele, there is nothing more nightmare-ish to me than having my couples attend each other’s weddings – or their guests, and hear the same words I spoke at the last ceremony they were at). You can be sure that your ceremony script will be largely original, and personalised with your story, your vows and special readings or rituals.

As a part of my weddings package, we will also have a rehearsal, between 10 and 1 day before your wedding. I am an excellent rehearsal facilitator, we will engage in a mix of you figuring out what’s right for you with your bridal party; and me coordinating you all in an orderly fashion to have things running smoothly and orderly, ready for you to rock it come action time on the big day.

I look forward to meeting you, creating an awesome and genuine dynamic with you and finding out where this journey will take us! I book up between 18 and 22 months in advance, so it pays to get in touch with me ASAP, even just to reserve a date until you have figured other aspects out a little more.