Naming Ceremonies

Non-religious Birth Celebrations!

Naming Ceremonies would be an excellent non-religious way to welcome a child in the world and share with friends and family that child’s name. Naming Ceremonies could be for newborn babies as well as older children.

A huge value I see in Naming Ceremonies is creating a memory for older generations.
One thing I wish I’d done when my children were born, is have a special ceremony to share with our family, especially my childrens’ great grandfathers, our children and the names we had chosen for them. Since their passing in July 2014 and April 2015, I have always thought about how we could have come together as a family, for ourselves and for them, to celebrate the circle of life and be together as a family, observing a special occasion such as the birth of a child.

Life with a newborn is hard and tiring, and even more so when there’s an older child (or two, or three etc) included in this mix. A Naming Ceremony doesn’t have to be a long, thought out process the way a Wedding Ceremony can sometimes be. Just a few minutes to make their place in the world especially official, and then finish off with lots of yummy food is all it needs to be, should you choose it.

I have many ideas on what my interpretation of a Naming Ceremony would include, so I warmly welcome you to get in touch with me so I can share these ideas with you!

Naming Ceremonies