Commitment Ceremonies

Non-legal Ceremonies.

Commitment Ceremonies would suit couples who:
– have already tied the knot in another country, but still want something special to celebrate with their friends and family;
– want to have a special ceremony to acknowledge their bond and signify their devotion to one another, without the legal aspect.

A Commitment Ceremony is an affirmation of love and devotion which is celebrated and announced  in front of the couple’s friends and family, in a non-legal way. A celebration of your relationship.

Because there are no legal aspects involved in a Commitment Ceremony, there is no paperwork to sign. There is the option of signing an informal certificate from the Celebrants Association, marking this special occasion.

We can still format your Commitment Ceremony similarly to a Wedding Ceremony. I warmly welcome you to get in touch so we can discuss this further!

Commitment Ceremonies
Commitment Ceremonies